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Like any business, an Amazon business needs to address issues directly from time to time. Amazon has support for this, which can only be contacted by phone.

For communication, you must have a number in the United States, to which support calls back after receiving the application.

In simple words, we can call Amazon and solve the problem on your behalf.

We solve a variety of issues with Amazon Support, including

  • Shipping to Amazon USA Warehouse (shipping goods to Amazon Warehouse)
  • Cooperation with Amazon, solutions to various cases
  • Registering a business on Amazon
  • Solving issues with Listings, variations
  • Product exchange or refund
  • Refinement of product characteristics
  • Difficulties with receiving and debiting payments
  • Removing locks

Communication with Amazon support is carried out exclusively in English, so it is important to have both a basic knowledge of English and an understanding of the terminology within the Amazon business.

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