Buyouts (reviews)

Earning reviews on Amazon is easy. Redemption on Amazon.

The Buyback service helps you with organic (natural) promotion on Amazon - it is a good investment in future sales, as well as the ability to attract a certain group of unique customers (non-ad-targeted or with an ad blocker enabled).

For Amazon, sales metrics and their natural growth are extremely important - this gives certain advantages not only in organic issuance, but also in relation to Amazon to your business as a whole.

The Amazon system is a complex software package and algorithms that are primarily focused on the level of your sales. This affects not only your positions, but also the solution of many other issues.

The process of buying back a product and collecting reviews on Amazon:

  • Coordination of volume, details and receipt of payment
  • Ordering your products on Amazon through our intermediaries
  • Returning your funds to Amazon Seller Central
  • Publication of reviews for purchased goods

Please note that Amazon's algorithms block or remove reviews from time to time - no one is immune from this, so we cannot give a 100% guarantee of receiving a review (on average, there is 1 review for 2 buyouts). However, the sale itself will be counted in any case, which will positively reflect on your metrics.

It is also difficult to predict the buyout schedule for this service, so this is primarily an investment in the future. For faster results, we recommend using PPC advertising campaigns. But the best result will be a combination of natural promotion (purchase) and advertising campaign (PPC) - both services can be ordered from us.

Amazon Buyback Reporting

  • We send a file with order numbers, which reflect all the redemptions made.
  • We do not provide links to reviews due to the difficulty of tracking them, but you can visually track the number of reviews during the period of the redemption service

The cost of the service "Redemption on Amazon"

  • Amazon US - 7 USD + product cost
  • Amazon UK - 6 Pounds + item cost
  • Amazon DE - 10 Eur + cost of goods
  • Redemption on Amazon without a recall according to the schedule - 6 USD + cost of goods
  • Redemption to Amazon without sending goods - 10 USD + commission from Paypal, Pioneer

Price Formula

(Product price + 7$) + 8% (Comissions Pioneer, Paypal)

Minimum order - 10 Redemptions

Please note that we only take a commission for the service itself, while the amount for the purchased goods is returned to your Amazon Seller Central account.

In addition to Amazon, reviews are available on Etsy and Ebay, Wallmart

  • Etsy - 7 USD + item cost
  • Ebay - 7 USD + cost of goods
  • Wallmart - 7 USD + cost of goods

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