Comprehensive launch and maintenance of business on amazon


Business on Amazon
for company

How does it works?

  • Creation of turnkey business on Amazon according to the "Private Label" strategy

  • Full Accounting and support for your Seller Central account on Amazon

  • Building a comprehensive strategy for your Amazon Business

  • Professional services: designers, photographers, marketing specialists

Business on Amazon Marketplace
You'll get

  • Outsourcing business with professional team

  • Full support at all stages: from creation to maintenance

  • Individual promotion and marketing strategies

  • Annual revenue growth and business development

  • Personal manager and reporting on work


Amz Consulting is team of professionals

Our team consists of 4 people, each of whom is a specialist in their field and has experience with Amazon.
In addition, we have an outsourcing team for additional assignments.


Head and founder of Amz Consulting, experienced Amazon seller

Marketing specialist

Specialist in marketing, SEO and PPC advertising campaigns


Designer with experience in product presentation and detailing


Professional copywriter and translator (Russian, English)

In our competence
  • Registering business on Amazon

  • Finding the right product

  • Target analysis

  • Products delivery on Amazon FBA

  • Making an Amazon listing

  • Website development for Private Label

  • Trademark Registration (TM)

  • Accounting Seller Central

  • Resolving issues with support

  • Data analysis and strategy making

  • Marketing and SEO

  • Advertising campaigns and PPC

  • 3D design and product photo making

Our team employment

We are constantly working in the field of sales and marketing on the marketplace, so our resources are limited and we can take limited number of clients.

At the moment we have space left for: 1 company.
Current workload of the team: 75%.


Service price

Starting a Business from Scratch

For the first start on Amazon
and search for new products

3 - 10 Private Label Products

Creation and setup: 
7000 USD for 1 product One time *

Launching own products

For manufacturers
and owners of existing brands

3 - 10 Private Label Products

Creation and setup: 
from 1000 USD for 1 product in One time *
calculated individually depending on the number of SKUs

* single setup includes: SEO optimized listing writing, PPC companies setup, PPC optimization for 1 month

Start selling your product immediately after receiving payment

We value your time and money, so we get to work without delay.
Growing your income is our main goal.

Stage 1

Project approval

You will personally agree on all details with the creator and head of Amz Consulting - Evgeny Popkov, which gives complete transparency and understanding right at the first stage.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Receive payment and start work

Immediately after receiving the payment, we distribute tasks in our team and proceed to work.

Stage 3

Start of product sales

We guarantee sales of your product the very next day, after launch and optimization of your listing.

Stage 3

Stage 4

Further optimization and growth

Every day we analyze data and optimize strategy to increase sales of your product on Amazon.

We work for 100% result

Goal achievement100%

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