Sell online business from marketplaces

Assistance in selling an online business and placing an ad on the Amz Consulting exchange

Absolutely any Marketplace business sooner or later is more profitable to sell than to continue to support. There are more than enough examples of successful business sales.

We offer our help in selling your ecommerce business with maximum profit. We have an exchange for selling ecommerce businesses from popular marketplace sites. Own customer base helps to do it quickly and profitably.

Selling a ready-made online business

Surely the thought occurred to you, why sell your business at all? A lot of effort has been invested and a huge amount of time has been spent. There are many profitable reasons, but the main one is to get a quick profit with the opportunity to invest in a new business. The older your business is, the more difficult it is to come up with new ideas to update and promote

Two reasons to sell a marketplace business

  1. Selling an Internet business is a quick profit for at least 18-36 months in advance (and sometimes for many years ahead) without any risks

  2. The funds received can be invested anywhere: real estate, an IT startup, a new offline or online business

If you have several businesses and you simply do not have time to manage everything, then selling one of them will give you the opportunity to relax and gain new strength.

What you need to sell a ready-made business on Amazon and other marketplaces

Fill out the application for sale and we will send you all the detailed information - this does not oblige you to anything, but you will gain important knowledge: how not just to sell an Amazon account, but to profitably sell an Amazon seller account and other Marketplaces.

Here is a small part of the data that is needed for the sale:

  • Product category
  • Number of goods
  • Turnover (EBITDA)
  • Growth from year to year
  • Margin
  • Traffic

We accept applications for a ready-made business on marketplaces and place it on our exchange

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